1. Monthly report card on ap how you did in areas in life. Including things you don't normally think about
  2. OC reboot with younger kids.
  3. Pairing great tv show writers with others and have them work together. For instance Damon Lindeloff and Paul Lieberstein
  4. Website for unknown household remedies all in one place. All the uses of Coke example
  5. A system where after you read a hardcover the book goes on to your computer and you can return the book
  6. Suggestion boxes for filmmakers and show runners for their next career project
  7. Company that refurbishes furniture
  8. Nostalgia.com. For all your old appreciations and desires. Made by the consumer themselves. Design your own requests for this one ****
  9. The Republic in Roseville. Where Digbys used to be
  10. A look at failed inventions and offering tweets website. Inventions are brought to me and I discover ways to make it even better