All it's cracked up to be
  1. Someone in your lifetime has nicknamed you blondie
  2. Cat callers love "vanilla,honey mustard, barbie"
  3. "It has like a red tint in the sun"
    Shutup please, F these lowlights
  4. "My hair was practically white when I was a baby"
  5. "People pay big money for highlights like this" -your hairdresser when you were young
  6. I now pay big money for highlights like this
  7. Purple shampoo
  8. People attributing your attractiveness to the fact that you're blonde
  9. "Okay but if you start highlighting you'll have to maintain it FOREVER" -your dramatic mother
  10. You probably went brunette once and made an appointment for highlights about a week later
  11. When brunettes get ombré and post pictures with captions that say "let's see if blondes really do have more fun"
    You can't sit with us
  12. "Did you let me in because my fake ID is good or because I'm blonde"
  13. I'm not even gunna comment on dumb blonde jokes
    ^aka I just did, am I a dumb blonde now?