1. I don't drink fruity wine or fruity cocktails
  2. I don't worship pumpkin spice lattes
    Sorry Starbucks
  3. Heck I don't even drink coffee
  4. My Insta game weak
    @aanna_belle_ if you're interested tho
  5. I don't watch the bachelor
    But I'll accept the rose if u offer
  6. Puppies are cute I guess but like I'm not trynna cop
  7. I don't participate in drawn out "awwwwws"
  8. I always forget to snapchat when I'm out to show all my fans I mean followers the cool place I'm at & cool people I'm with
  9. I never fan-girld over a boy band member
    But I admit I got the bieber fever
  10. There are no inspirational quotes hanging around my bedroom
  11. Not following a single Kardashian on any form of social media
    I hate the term social media