The ever evolving list of things that are occurring to me as I prepare for my daughter to arrive.
  1. Clothes that have gendered things that do not need to be gendered.
    Have you noticed how many cats are on girls clothing? I've yet to see cats on boy clothing. Cats aren't inherently female and the fact that they're on so much makes me feel massively strange. Also cupcakes. Wtf, cupcakes aren't female.
  2. Toddlers & Tiaras
    ...because these are the little witches that are going to send my 7 year old home asking if she can wear lipstick.
  3. My own body image.
    Gone are the days where I could justify, however loosely, calling myself fat or a fad diet. My little sponge will be watching soon.
  4. Baby "brand reps" on Instagram
    ...because schilling your kid out on social media is totes cool and normal.