Compiled during a 3rd floor to 3rd floor apartment move
  1. Driving a big UHaul whilst hungover is a lot like texting exclusively with your non-dominant hand. And It sukcs
  2. Inevitably, a piece of heavy furniture is going to fall over. Try not to get crushed under it. Remember that you're moving by yourself. It's going to be a while for anyone to hear your cries
  3. Resist the urge to throw all clothing, bedding, etc out the window. You'll probably crush a rat somehow.
  4. If you're moving in with a new roommate, is it rude if he/she does not help you bring your belongings?
  5. If he/she does help, can you just say variations of "thanks!" every time you cross paths in the stairway? Do you have to get a gift? Should you?
  6. If you lock yourself out on your first night, what happens?
  7. Good call holding on to your old keys, now you have a place to sleep.
  8. Never again.