When Drake hosts Pesach
  1. Drake doesn't just recline on Passover, he straight up lays down.
  2. Drake knows a recipe for a brisket so tender it's actually liquid.
  3. Drake saves the fifth cup of wine for Elijah and the sixth for his whole crew.
  4. Even Drake's bitter herbs are sweet, baby.
  5. Drake's seder plate is Swarovski encrusted with a 24k gold OVO emblem; one of one and a gift from Lil' Wayne.
  6. Instead of a drop of wine for the ten plagues, Drake uses Aces champagne.
  7. When Drake sings the hook on Dayenu you forget it actually means "enough" 'cause you always want more.
  8. Drake begins each of the four questions with "Girl..."
  9. The prize for finding the afikomen at Drake's Seder is one of his Grammy's and a handwritten note.