I basically spend my life trying to perfect the below, but it's never perfect.
  1. 7A: Stir 'n wake
    Alarm: iPhone Twinkle, 'cause I like to ease into being awake and not be jarred. Usually grunt twice.
  2. Hit snooze.
    At least 5 times. Feeling is unparalleled, euphoric even. @dandylyons and I have been searching for a way to not snooze for so long. Turns out, it's hard.
  3. iPhone check
    General order: GMail, Instagram, Listapp, all in a 30 second manic scroll. I've read you're not supposed to do this immediately, but can't stop. Ideally, I'd sleep with my iPhone in another room.
  4. Lemon water
    Amble to kitchen, grab a mason jar and go 8 oz of water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon. The other half (and cup) is for @dandylyons. It's supposed to get your tummy enzymes going.
  5. Shower
    Recently switched from Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus to unscented Baby Mild 'cause I thought it'd be better for sensitive skin. Jury's out. I shower fast.
  6. Bathroom share
    @dandylyons usually comes in and gets ready while I'm still showering. It's a delicate dance but we do it well and it lets us catch up.
  7. Get dressed
    Again, fast. Most time spent on shoe choice, depending on what's happening at work that day.
  8. Breakfast
    Either steel cut oats with walnuts and flax seed and almond butter and coconut butter at home (luxury) or the basic oats from the commissary at work (meh).
  9. Commute to work
    25 minute walk or 15 in the car. Been meaning to get back into biking.
  10. Make coffee
    Very special and important. Usually local beans I hand grind and brew in an Aeropress at work (ideally I do this at home but usually not). I could do an entire list on my arduous process.