I love camp. I love movies. I love movies about camp (even if they're bad). Suggestions welcome!
  1. Little Darlings (1980)
  2. Summer Camp Nightmare (1987)
  3. Gorp (1980)
  4. Meatballs (1979)
  5. Meatballs 2 (1984)
  6. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
  7. camp (2013)
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  8. Camp Nowhere!
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  9. Heavyweights (1995)
    This is one that only gets better with age.
    Suggested by @sogol
  10. Sleepaway Camp (1983)
    The classic 80s slasher film that spawned 5 sequels.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  11. Ernest Goes to Camp
    Easily my fave camp movie ever.
    Suggested by @doesntmattr
  12. Poison Ivy
    Michael J Fox and Nancy McKeon!
    Suggested by @doesntmattr
  13. Space Camp
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  14. Friday the 13th!!!!
    Suggested by @michelle
  15. Jesus Camp
    Suggested by @videodrew