I kept a ridiculously specific food journal from 2007-2010 and haven't done anything since 'til today. Thanks @lenadunham for reminding me how rewarding it can be to look back.
  1. (1) Black iced Coffee from Bar Nine Collective in Culver City; (1/2) of a Pretzel Croissant (mostly just a saltier regular croissant, still great)
  2. (1 1/2) pieces of a leftover veggie quiche (broc, shroom, garlic) made by @dandylyons
  3. (1) Black iced coffee from Cognoscenti Coffee
  4. (2) Lundberg brown rice rice cakes with LIBERAL amount of coconut butter and Skippy peanut butter spread
  5. (1) House white wine; (1/2) Burrata toast and the smoked blue fish pate with picked veggies from Littlefork
  6. (1) Pistachio and s'more ice cream on a coconut and corn cookie sandwich from Coolhaus (🙏🏽)