1. Still fuck a lot
  2. Swim in a body of water close to my house with some 'testicle shriveling' cold water
  3. Cuddle with my cats on an hourly basis
  4. Cook more than what is financially sustainable
  5. Ignore speed limit signs but still stay on the 10 over side of things
  6. Have a coat that I've worn forever and knows me good
  7. Stop playing guitar and play something else.. I don't know what that is yet
  8. Start playing guitar again cause I miss it
  9. Build guitar pedals
  10. Go to sleep late and wake up early - I'm on that Margaret Thatcher shit!
  11. Be married to the same woman my whole life and have only had sex with that one woman my whole life.. And still going STRONG (see first post.. Priorities)
  12. Still not drink. I refuse to get that bored with myself
  13. Eat wheat bread
  14. Not have Alzheimer's