...as gleaned from “Literary Outtakes,” (edited by Larry Dark and available for $0.01 on Amazon).
  1. "Lois and the bear hiding in the Yellowstone."
  2. "Fairy who fell for a wax dummy."
  3. "A Funeral: His own ashes kept blowing in his eyes. Everything was over by six and nothing remained but a small man to mark the spot. There were no flowers requested or proffered. The corpse stirred faintly during the evening but otherwise the scene was one of utter quietude."
  4. "Girl and giraffe.”
  5. "A tree, finding water, pierces roof and solves a mystery.”
  6. "Marionettes during dinner party meeting and kissing."
  7. "The Tyrant Who Had To Let His Family Have Their Way For One Day.”
  8. "Play in which revolutionist in big scene - 'Kill me,' etc. - displays all bourgeois talents hitherto emphasized, paralyzes them with his superiority, and then shoots them."
  9. "Girl whose ear is so sensitive she can hear radio. Man gets her out of insane asylum to use her.”
  10. "A man hates to be a prince, goes to Hollywood and has to play nothing but princes. Or a general - the same."