1. Naps.
    If you are tired, nap. If you are free for 29 minutes, nap. If it is the weekend, nap. Nap whenever possible.
  2. Showers (where my body has my undivided attention)
    Now I am either staring hard and having a mental conversation with a baby monitor while shampooing or playing peekaboo with an astonished individual from behind the shower curtain. Just need a few extra minutes baby. Mama's got to shave those legs.
  3. Uninterrupted dinner (at home)
    A toy makes the baby very angry and needs to be disciplined during dinner. If not, then there's nothing like poo to interrupt a nice meal.
  4. Uninterrupted dinner (at restaurants)
    There was a time when we used to watch people and make interesting conversation with each other. Now we are constantly ducking under the table to pick up toys, napkins, food, phone etc.
  5. Comfortable air travel
    It must have been nice to have the tiny economy class seat to myself.
  6. Unhurried sex.
    It always seems like an emergency now. Done? Phew she's still asleep.
  7. She is totally worth it.
    Don't wake up yet.....