I think they'd be terrific
  1. Ability to time travel but only while touching an object and then you just get to see where that object has been from the start of its existence up till now.
    No worries, you can totally speed it up so it's like watching a movie montage because we all know there is going to be a lot of time spent lost in attics, drawers, or just watching the landscape slowly change.
  2. Ability to force other people to be punctual.
    You said we would end at 2:00. I used to just force choke you with my imagination when you went past time but now it's for real. We end at 2:00.
  3. Ability to redirect all the energy my body puts into growing unwanted body hair into something more useful.
    Like knowing which way is North. Or maybe not needing to drink so much effing coffee
  4. Ability to plant thoughts in other peoples' minds without actual saying anything out loud
    This election would never have been an issue. Just saying.
  5. Ability to know if I will like a book without having to commit to reading the first 100 pages.
    Maybe they would just glow like Frodo's dagger or bust into a Hallelujah chorus when I pick them up