Why new Top Gear makes me angry

I'm apologizing in advance for how long this is
  1. Chris Evans keeps reading Clarkson's scripts
    Poorly. He reads them poorly
  2. Chris Evans keeps trying to replace competence with enthusiasm
  3. Why can we not get a preface to the segments? Why are you just showing me videos of cars without any explanation?!
    I can't care about this Mclaren until you give me some effing background, Evans
  4. Evans called Hammerhead Hummerhead
  5. Some how takes itself too seriously while being utterly ridiculous
    I'm looking at you, hospital bed entrance.
  6. They are making Stig jokes
    No. Not okay. You have crossed a line
  7. They rewrote all the lap time slips but kept the lap times
    Can't have Clarkson's dirty handwriting hanging around
  8. Bored. I'm just so bored. There's still 40 minutes
    I give up. See you soon Grand Tour