A Compilation of Harry Potter FanArt That Should Never Really See the Light of Day

@hannah_rachel decided that I should throw together my old art of OBHWF (One Big Happy Weasley Family, as we head cannoned the post-series Weasleys), so here I am, endlessly praising God for Artistic Improvement. (Sadly, my fourth grade versions are lost to time, so here are my seventh grade do-overs. Also sadly, the fam is incomplete.)
  1. Brother 1: Bill Weasley
    Oh, to think I was once proud of his anatomical composition. I'm not sure it's humanly possible to have hands that small in reality. Ah well. At least he has his scars and long hair and fang earring.
  2. Fleur Delacour-Weasley
    Hands were just a 'yikes' thing for Little Artist Abigail, apparently. (Don't be fooled, not much has changed.) And while human eyes cannot exist that far apart, I like to think Little Artist Abigail captured the true spirit of Fleur.
  3. Victore Weasley
    What. Is. Happening. Here. The 90s blouse. The Early 2000s belt. The triangle nose. The *HANDS*.
  4. Dominique Weasley
    Why is her head so large, you may be wondering. I regrettably don't have a valid answer for you. At least she's sporting a Holyhead Harpies v-neck, featuring a logo designed by Little Artist Abigail. Big Artist Abigail approves of the general idea.
  5. Louis Weasley
    Where are all of these Delacour-Weasley children coming from??? I'm pretty sure JK only ever confirmed Victore. I'm also pretty sure Hannah and I came up with Dominique and Louis in order to have enough characters to ship with other characters. What crazy shippers we were (and still are tbh).
  6. Brother 2: Charlie Weasley
    Look at those sick burns, probably gotten from working for D.R.A.G.O.N., a fictitious environmentalist organization Hannah and I came up with. (We never did manage to formulate an acronym. Nor, obviously, did Little Artist Abigail manage to use Google Images to research how shoulders work.)
  7. Cho Chang.....-Weasley????
    Hannah and Little Artist Abigail apparently shipped Charlie with.....Cho Chang. What were we DOING???? Where did that come from? When would their paths even cross???? And what is up wth that hideous DRESS??????¿¿??¿?
  8. It Gets Worse: There's A CHILD
    That's right, folks: Hannah and Little Artist Abigail created a BRAIN-CHILD. Meet Ramona Weasley, the literal Least Likely To Exist Weasley to Ever Exist. (Funnily enough, Big Artist Abigail is observing that she looks like a fusion of Honey Lemon and Go-Go.)
  9. Yikes.
  10. Anyway.
  11. Brother 3: Percy Weasley
    I personally liked the fact that Percy got a redemption arc. I think that JK made the right decision. I personally don't like the fact that Little Artist Abigail messed up so many proportions in this one sketch that Big Artist Abigail could dedicate an entire li.st explaining why this Percy could. Not. Physically. Exist.
  12. Penelope Clearwater-Weasley
    I'm forgetting who JK confirmed Percy ended up with, but I personally feel (very strongly, even now) that his soulmate was Penelope Clearwater. I mean, her love of academia, mutilated hands, and completely disproportionate body were clearly made to complement his own. (Just look at those zany eyes. It's true love, people.)
  13. Get ready for Brain Children, round 3
  14. Molly Weasley II
    I guess I thought it would be poetic justice for Preppy Snooty Percy to have a rebellious (stereotypically emo??) daughter named after his own spunky mother. From her cringe-worthy highlights all the way down to her fishnet gloves and stockings, this chick means business. (She'd be way cooler if Big Artist Abigail were to draw her, which she is considering doing. Please stay tuned.)
  15. Lucy Weasley
    It's become apparent that Little Artist Abigail had a thing for impossibly-wide-set eyes, side bangs, and ridiculous pockets on skirts. (Did y'all see Cho's disaster of a dress or what.) Hannah and Little Artist Abigail felt bad for shackling Percy with a rebellious daughter and apparently compensated by giving him a studious one. (If I remember correctly, we head-cannoned her as the ultimate Party Pooper. No one is surprised.)
  16. Sadly, the characters y'all really read this li.st to see have gone missing. (I have the sneaking suspicion that Medium-Sized Artist Abigail threw them away before she leveled up into Big Artist Abigail and realized the merits of saving all of her old artwork.)
  17. But between finding all these old doodles and getting Cursed Child, Big Artist Abigail is feeling inspired enough to try and capture the entirety of OBHWF.