1. Sophomore year of college has made me feel like so much more of an adult than my freshman year did
    And we're only two weeks in!
  2. Having a kitchen and balancing that with four other girls (who's eating habits are all vastly different from mine - which is okay! Just tricky) is hard
  3. Finding the time to do homework and go to class and shop for food and prepare meals and still have down time is hard
  4. Finding times to do those things with other people is even harder
    But I have an irrational fear of shopping alone in the city! So this will have to stay hard for now!
  5. Not to mention I spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm eating and when
    Because after gaining almost 20 pounds last year and then losing less than half of it over the summer has made me super wary of food
  6. That's not to say I'm starving myself! (Not at all!!!) But fruits and vegetables are expensive in the city and take time to prepare
    Especially when prepackaged and less-healthy things are so fast comparatively
  7. And you have to shop at least once every two weeks because stuff goes bad quickly
  8. But having to balance all of this plus class has me less concerned with what I look like
  9. (I guess because I don't have the capacity to obsess over more than two things at once)
  10. So I guess that's a good thing????
  11. .
    I'm really not sure where this was going but I had to dump all of this somewhere so ~