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    The cute boy from Emerson who was in my jewelry casting class last semester
    Alas, he had a girlfriend
  2. •
    The violinist performing in the courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
    I found him on Instagram. He also has a girlfriend.
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    My own character Bartholomew
    He's extremely awkward and I have So Many Feelings about him (he was my first OC!!)
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    The Cute Emerson Boy in my animation class this semester
    He's significantly taller than the first Emerson boy and his voice sounds like waves crashing on a rocky shoreline 🌊
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    This One Cashier In Maine Who Charged Me $2.00 For A $2.75 Scoop Of Ice Cream
    I never got his name, but I like to think it was John.
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    Joaquin from The Book Of Life
    I love to hate him 😍
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    Manolo Sanchez from The Book of Life
    He's honestly the Most Pure Boy in all of animation history and he's my son
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    This one really gross guy in my grade named Morgan
    He's very obnoxious and full of himself but he looks a LOT like Bartholomew so I had to draw him
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    Rob, a cashier at Blick Art Materials
    He recommended the BEST synthetic sable brushes to me and I've been in love with him ever since. (He says hi to me every time I see him now😂)
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    My OC Mallory
    He's a ghost and I Love Him