1. Restaurants are never crowded because no one lives here
    I haven't been in a quiet, vaguely-relaxing Panera for three years!!!
  2. People smile at you when you walk by
    Even if they don't personally know you!!! What a novel idea!!!!
  3. The night-crowd isn't threatening at all
    Even if @hannah_rachel complains about a lack of Eyes On The Street !!!
  4. People engage in conversations with you
    I talked to a barista about animation and Ringling and residential life in Boston!!!!! (Granted, there weren't a lot of customers and she was especially friendly but!)
  5. There's fields! And open skies!! And no tall buildings!!!
    It's a breath of fresh air after feeling so claustrophobic in a big city (and even in a densely-populated suburb when I'm at home)