Because @hannah_rachel , @miathurber , and @AliciaNF26 ranked the Friends but I've never seen Friends and I feel left out (and the 2011 version is a giant meme among the girls I'm rooming with next year so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  1. 4. D'Artagnan
    Cocky. Impulsive. Half as cool as he thinks he is. Almost dies because of his arrogance (on multiple occasions), like when he challenged all three legendarily skilled Musketeers to a duel on the same day within five minutes of arriving to Pairs. Idiot.
  2. 3. Aramis
    Suave and stylish. Good hair. (Luke Evans Strikes Again.) Somehow personally reconciles his playboy tendencies with his religious convictions; attractive to some, hypocritical to me.
  3. 2. Porthos
    (Okay first of all this was the only .gif I could find? Why?? He's such a good boy????) Acts dumb to trick his enemies into capturing him and leading him right to where he wants to be. Escapes by ripping and punching and head-butting things. Embarrassed by his simple means but allows his lady friends to Treat Him Right. A Good Strong Boy 10/10.
  4. 1. Athos
    The brains of almost every operation. Scuba diver. (How that's possible in 17th century France, I don't know.) Tragic, Romantic, Brooding, Father figure to D'Artagnan when he doesn't deserve it. Too Emo™ for some, perfectly Dramatic™ for me. (I may or may not favor him because of Matthew Macfadyen....shhh..........)
  5. Giphy
    Bonus: Athos Kicks Recently Stabbed Foe Into The Channels Of Venice After Dramatically Arising From The Depths In An Extravagant Mask