1. Accidentally taking a bite of too much pasta and then having to throw a hand over my mouth to keep all those noodles from flying everywhere
  2. Involuntarily snorting really loudly when I find things funny
    Disclaimer: These Things Usually Aren't Really That Funny
  3. The birthmarks on my teeth
    They grew in on my adult teeth and honestly the idea of getting veneers over them always sounded expensive and risky to me - what if my teeth change color and clash with the veneers???
  4. My glasses slipping further and further down my nose as the day progresses
    It's really subtle but I can feel it happening and am powerless to stop gravity
  5. The fact that my ears are crooked and so my glasses are never 100% straight
  6. All the teeny tiny scars on my right hand
    When I was in the forth grade, I wanted to use all the different Scooby Doo bandaids my mom bought. I was convinced I needed to have real cuts in order to wear them, so I'd pick at my hands until I bled a little and could justify needing a bandaid🙄
  7. The fact that my hands have really big palms and really tiny fingers
    Not As Cute As Wholly Tiny Hands! Which Means I Need To Date Someone With Large Hands So My Hamburger Patty Hands Look Tiny By Comparison!