Finals are slowly eating me from the inside out and there's still three weeks of school left and here are some of the little things keeping me from a complete emotional breakdown 🙃
  1. My professor brought his certified therapy dog into class and he's a Bernese Mountain Dog and I almost cried
  2. Static
  3. His name is Ueli (Ooh-uh-lee) and he is a sweet prince
  4. It's starting to be almost-warm and I can almost-wear a cute dress that I've been waiting to wear since I thrifted it in November
  5. When I close my eyes I can imaging sitting in a field on a blanket with my sister and she's reading Edna St. Vincent Millay and I'm playing Paul Simon songs on my ukulele
  6. I get to go home next weekend and I plan on driving out to north-western Massachusetts until I can't see any buildings taller than three stories
    The windows of my green VW bug will be down and the sunroof will be open and I will be blasting NEEDTOBREATHE or Mat Kearney because they are my annual Inaugural Spring Jams™
  7. Coffee
  8. I wore my Birkenstocks for the first time since October and my toes were free and happy
  9. I am slowly becoming friends with a girl who will be in the suite next to mine in the fall and I'm excited to have thoughtful conversations with her
  10. So many Almosts.
  11. The sweet promise of clear skies and fresh air waiting for me in Maine this summer