yes hello I'm currently dying and I need to throw all my best Ripper Street screencaps and press conference getty images and self-indulgent doodles somewhere. If you have any interest in crime shows and Victorian London please please please watch this show and then come join my Feelings Party.
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    dear, sweet Matthew Macfadyen, you are always and forever the Most Relatable
  8. my face when I'm halfway through season 4 and the 5th and final season isn't on Netflix or at the library and I'm steeling myself for the pirating I will most likely be doing later this week:
    okay but in all honestly Seaside Dad™ was one of Edmund Reid's best Looks. So carefree. So rural. Let him return to his tide charts and stupid fishing pants. You know the ones - the rubber boots that turn into the world's sweatiest onsie. He had nothing to worry about but Matilda staying up all night reading (and taking the train back to the city without permission but. That's less stress than murder on a daily basis.) Give my boy the retirement he so rudely tore himself away from. Let him Rest™
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    also if we could stop going through constables at the rate of One Sweet Boy Per Season that'd be nice 😬😬😬poor darling Bobby Grace disappeared without a trace at the end of season three and I miss my Boy