Or Weird Things I'm Attracted To? Or just Things That I Find it Weird For Myself to be Attracted To??? Either way, I'm woefully single and home alone and need a Feelings outlet 🙄
  1. Left-handedness
    Literally zero% rational
  2. Beards
    Literally 💯% rational
  3. Broadness and Little Tums
    And never exclusively
  4. Little Neck Rolls
    I'm not sure why but my brain always goes, "Look at the beautiful mind (and face) that their neck is supporting!! What a great job it's doing! Hug him!!!" This impulse becomes inconvenient when directed at strangers I pass in public.
  5. Sideburns
    Only when they're tastefully done. (Is this an oxymoron? Probably.)
  6. Baseball/Hockey helmet hair
    Typical 🙄
  7. Large ears
    I cannot defend this - Every guy I think is mildly cute at work has large ears. I'm not sure if this is coincidence or if it's indicative of my preferences. I'm including it to be safe.
  8. Large, square hands
    I don't know how to describe 'square' hands except as 'not bony.' Think lumberjack-meets-lawyer hands.
  9. (To be continued when I'm not distracted by the Red Sox crushing the Angels 6-0!!!! I'm so proud of my boys!!!!!!)