Things I've Accomplished in One Week of Classes

For you @hannah_rachel - so you know I'm not dead
  1. I've been to the MFA
    (ft. John Singer Sargent🙌🏻)
  2. I've gotten bubble tea (with some new friends)
  3. I've painted a Space Whale™
  4. I've taken the T successfully
    Twice🙌🏻 (ft. Some Guy who I Don't Know)
  5. I've successfully established my desired aesthetic
    (ft. My 90s Mom Shorts)
  6. I've been to the MFA....again
    Give me a little slack - I get in for free!!!!!
  7. I've met up with one of my Cool Acquaintance Friends from high school
    (ft. Megan who is also my Good Friend from high school, she goes to the same college I do 🙌🏻)
  8. I've gone to a new church with an old friend
  9. I've done a study of a John Singer Sargent study
    Is this study-ception???
  10. I've found really thoughtful bathroom graffiti
    Thanks art school 🙌🏻