1. Pro: you can stay up as late as your little nocturnal heart desires
    Con: you still have two 8:00 am classes you gotta Rise and Shine™ for
  2. Pro: you can eat on your own schedule
    Con: you accidentally skip lunch a lot because you only have a half an hour between classes and you have to drop all your art junk off in your dorm before you sprint over to your writing class. You do get to consume a lot of granola bars, so that kinda balances things out.
  3. Pro: you can actually watch tv because you actually have free time
    Con: you want to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender more than you want to draw your seventeenth charcoal still life
  4. Pro: you have a really really REALLY cool work-study job with a group that connects community artists with local businesses in an effort to make art accessible for the greater Roxbury community
    Con: literally none. I am so happy.