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    Because I won't be able to see my puppy until Tuesday or Wednesday even though spring break starts on Friday
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    Because I have about 12,000 assignments due for one class on Friday and I'm worried I won't have time to complete them. Even though it's only Tuesday.
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    Because I accidentally got roped into organizing a large social event and I didn't want this much extraneous responsibility
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    Because my complexion looks like that of a small pox victim and it probably won't clear up by Thursday which means I won't be able to impress the Cute Emerson Boy in my animation class for at least another two weeks (and he's Very Cute so this is honestly the most stressful point on this list)
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    Because I have less than an hour to pack up my stuff for spring break and I haven't eaten lunch yet 😗
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    Because I decided to take a Mental Health Week™ over spring break, and now I am swamped and screwed
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    Because I somehow didn't complete two art commissions for an entire YEAR and one of the clients (rightfully so) asked me if I was still interested in completing their project but they happened to ask during a total mental meltdown due to the aforementioned Swamped and Screwed academic state I have found myself in and I feel like 💩