1. Every kid who brought their guitar with them.
  2. The girl in my history discussion who wants everyone to know she did the reading.
    We get it. You don't have to start EVERY sentence with "Well, in the reading..."
  3. Lime green cardigan lady
    Yelled at me and my friend when we were INNOCENTLY cleaning up my friends yogurt spill. Listen lady. We're trying.
  4. The person who tore my name tag off of my door.
    My adorable RA worked hard on that. Also, now it looks like room 418 is a triple and that I don't exist. Thanks a lot.
  5. Whoever tore down some of our door Halloween decorations.
    God dammit we were just trying to be festive. What is with people in my hall and ruining doors?
  6. The kids who blast trap/house music with they're door open, and when you walk past it's just two of them quietly doing homework