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Relating to my social anxiety
  1. When I have to go outside and talk to people...
  2. When I interact with people outside
  3. When I realized I should have stayed inside
  4. What I should do, but I don't
It's usually too many to mention but since this is a list app, I might as well. I tend to gravitate towards sitcoms and comedy shows with brilliant writing but every now and then I enjoy some action and drama. Currently in limbo looking for the next show to add to the list. Open to suggestions (old or new)!
  1. Friends
  2. How I met your mother
  3. Psych
33 more...
I still buy CDs...there's just something exciting and wonderful about purchasing an album of your favorite artist and knowing only a couple of songs and eventually knowing and loving all of the songs in the album two weeks later. Also makes driving anywhere so much better!
  1. Room for squares & Continuum
    John Mayer (anything and everything)
  2. Volumes 1, 2, & 3
    She and him
  3. Sublime
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