I am a proud owner of the Google iOS app despite my friends teasing me for having an app for something I can do on Safari (but those dummies have the Facebook and Twitter apps soooo...) Little do they know that I am constantly searching for answers for the stupid questions that run through my little mind.
  1. "Should I eat day old carrots"
    Short answer: yes
  2. "Sneeze and taste blood"
    I am a very violent sneezer.
  3. "Mattyb"
    I just wanted to check in on him. (He's still thriving, if you were wondering).
  4. "Tidal cancel subscription"
    My free subscription was very close to costing me $10. I love you Beyoncé, but I'm not gonna pay for Tidal.
  5. "Plastic bottom"
    I messed up my car and was trying to google the damage but I was so stressed that this vague phrase was all that i searched. Not a fruitful search.