1. most old people
    my ~charm~ is not effective on them
  2. pete davidson
    my first celeb feud! (does it still count when ppl don't know who he is?)
  3. my dentist
    I bit her when I was 11 and she has never forgiven me, I see it in her eyes
  4. a Dutch tourist
    he asked me for directions to Barclays Center and i misled him
  5. my ex-roommate
    I was perfectly pleasant but she still unfollowed me on instagram
  6. the guy who carded me and not my friends
    he only asked for my ID in a group of ppl. I know I look young but honestly man what's ur beef I will fight u
  7. Lena Dunham
    I've not met her but I just get the feeling she wouldn't like me