I love crying in public it is such a fresh reminder of my own humanity
  1. My elementary school
    when I felt like I had no friends and I was also very melodramatic
  2. a train that looped around some mountain in colorado
    my dad made me go with him and I was 13 w/o cellphone service. my iPod nano died :(
  3. Carmike Cinemas Wynnsong 12
    when I saw les miserables
  4. Walmart parking lot
    my mom called me a bitch and then felt bad so she bought me Late Night Snack (jimmy Fallon Ben & Jerry's)
  5. Washington Sq Park
    I stumbled upon 2 dogs identical to my own and the woman let me pet them
  6. Somewhere in Bed-Stuy last year
    to new beginnings!!!!
  7. my dorm
    when the parks and rec finale aired. my roommate and her BF left the room, I think they were uncomfortable
  8. in a communal bathroom
    when I cut my finger open and had to get stitches