These are some of my favorite emojis.
  1. 🦄
    I feel like this is my inner child just ready to burst! It's so cute and the colors and just ugh ! Love.
  2. I love this emoji because it resembles peace. (OBVI !) and it's purple and I use it all the time.
  3. 💕
    This one is pretty simple. Just shows love but the shape and color is just perfect !
  4. 🍭
    Candy. Rainbow. What could be better ?
  5. 💍
    Diamonds are perfect. So am I.
  6. 👑
    Reminds me of the queen I am && others are.
  7. 🌟
    Keeps me calm when everything is going wrong. Tells me "keep being that shooting star. Keep on keeping on"