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something I haven't mastered, but want so badly to be better about
  1. 1.
    let them know they've been on your heart
    hey girl!! - i was just thinking about you!!! - you've been on my heart (during my quiet times, when I read my Bible, when I pray) - OPTIONAL: this verse / sermon / reminded me of you!
  2. 2.
    let them know the goodness you want for their lives (especially for far-away friends)
    college looks so great on you!! - i love to see you killin / thriving at this college thing! - i hope college is treating you beautifully - i hope you're doing so well!!
  3. 3.
    open up a window to praying together
    "you were in my prayers this morning!" OR a "hey girl, how can I pray for you this week?" | if they're a believer, you can also ask them "how's your heart?" or how something they're admittedly struggling with
  4. 4.
    when they open up what they're struggling about, maybe
    share a itty piece of your testimony if you can relate - give 'em resources (sermon, devotional, part of the Bible, a Bible study method, a small group, a ministry, a service opportunity) - invite to go out to talk about how to pursue God to overcome it
love in the fullest
  1. for the hard days
    for they guide me and prompt me to lean on You
here are some notes from a beautiful, insightful sermon about marriage !!!!
  1. what kills relationships? selfishness
    - selfishness is the root of all sin - envying what others have - selfishness breeds distrust - putting others down -
  2. why are we His? not because God created us, but because Jesus bought us for a price
    like a factory worker doesn't own the car he's piecing together, but owns it if he goes to the store and buys it
  3. love is
    - picking up the burdens - loving what they love - hating what they hate - pushing them towards their goals - helping them get more out of a relationship - taking their causes as your own
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i was in a 15+ car pile-up (including at least 4 semis); our car flipped onto the driver side
  1. thank You, Lord for going against the laws of nature to protect us
  2. Lord, thank You for giving us peace and comfort
  3. thank You for being a God that transcends understanding; a sovereign God that saw this in the beginning
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i want to make the most out of my four years
  1. have a kaleo summer in Florida
  2. study abroad
    australia? costa rica?
  3. go on a faith-based medical mission trip
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  1. swim from Barton Springs to Twin Falls
  2. paddle board at Zilker Park
  3. brunch at Irene's
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  1. you're ready to be one in Christ
  2. you have been freed of your addictions
  3. you have been freed of your anxiety
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declarations to speak over yourself (especially when you forget who/whose you are)
  1. I am loved by the sole Creator of the universe.
  2. I am called by the Father by name.
    He called me into inheritance! He calls me a Child!
  3. I am chosen by Christ before Earth even came into existence.
    Ephesians 1:4
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  1. write down your prayers
  2. turn off twitter / insta notifications
  3. tell people how much they mean to you
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some people are just born "moms" — the few, the proud; "mom" isn't a title, it's a lifestyle
  1. sits in the car after dropping someone off, to make sure they can get in
  2. "okay but text me when you get home so I know you're okay"
  3. brings chargers / snacks / waters / bug spray / sunscreen / etc. for everyone
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