some people are just born "moms" — the few, the proud; "mom" isn't a title, it's a lifestyle
  1. sits in the car after dropping someone off, to make sure they can get in
  2. "okay but text me when you get home so I know you're okay"
  3. brings chargers / snacks / waters / bug spray / sunscreen / etc. for everyone
  4. "if anyone needs a ride home from the party, please call me and I'll drive them home"
  5. gives advice when people are hurt / sick
  6. sends texts like "you can do it!!!!" "you got this!!!!"
  7. always DD, no matter who or how far they live
  8. goes to the store for one thing and leaves with 27 things
  9. flipping drunks on their sides because I think they're going to choke on their own vomit and die
  10. purse snacks
  11. car scissors
  12. any grocery store bag is a trash bag if you tie it to a door handle