something I haven't mastered, but want so badly to be better about
  1. let them know they've been on your heart
    hey girl!! - i was just thinking about you!!! - you've been on my heart (during my quiet times, when I read my Bible, when I pray) - OPTIONAL: this verse / sermon / reminded me of you!
  2. let them know the goodness you want for their lives (especially for far-away friends)
    college looks so great on you!! - i love to see you killin / thriving at this college thing! - i hope college is treating you beautifully - i hope you're doing so well!!
  3. open up a window to praying together
    "you were in my prayers this morning!" OR a "hey girl, how can I pray for you this week?" | if they're a believer, you can also ask them "how's your heart?" or how something they're admittedly struggling with
  4. when they open up what they're struggling about, maybe
    share a itty piece of your testimony if you can relate - give 'em resources (sermon, devotional, part of the Bible, a Bible study method, a small group, a ministry, a service opportunity) - invite to go out to talk about how to pursue God to overcome it