i was in a 15+ car pile-up (including at least 4 semis); our car flipped onto the driver side
  1. thank You, Lord for going against the laws of nature to protect us
  2. Lord, thank You for giving us peace and comfort
  3. thank You for being a God that transcends understanding; a sovereign God that saw this in the beginning
  4. my head should have gone through the left window; Kate should have been knocked out from the airbag; my mom should have banged her head against the console and fallen onto me; ashley's head should have been pinned, her and hunter pinned by luggage — instead we walk away with only bumps and bruises
  5. thank You for lining us up with Rachel and Scott; thank You for the work you did through them
    they brought so much comfort to a incredibly scary time — sat with my sweet friend ashley, busted us out of our car through the sun roof, drove my mom and i
  6. thank You for using this experience to bring us closer to You — to understand Your power, reality, presence, and pursuit of us
  7. thank You for the ways you'll use this to bless my calling
  8. i love You, God. though i don't "feel" you manifest presence clearly, thank You for being a God who does just what i prayed for— motivation to be a Seeker of God.
  9. thank You for this opportunity to let us lean in and focus on the bond You have crafted through family
  10. thank You for embodying thru my relationship w my mom that love is a continual choice, not just a feeling
  11. thank You for adding another page to my testimony
  12. thank You for giving me rest in Your presence, time to talk to You.
  13. Lord, i pray for comfort for all of these families; i pray for an increase in awareness and trust in You from now on; i pray that You speak through me to bring comfort, draw awareness of Your goodess
  14. thank You for the good works you bring out of travesty. i love You.
  15. thank You that You spoke through me right after the hit. amidst the screaming I was able to say "God is so good" to my mom
  16. thank You that in my deepest wound, I saw Your glory & it astounded me!!!!!!!
  17. amen