here are some notes from a beautiful, insightful sermon about marriage !!!!
  1. what kills relationships? selfishness
    - selfishness is the root of all sin - envying what others have - selfishness breeds distrust - putting others down -
  2. why are we His? not because God created us, but because Jesus bought us for a price
    like a factory worker doesn't own the car he's piecing together, but owns it if he goes to the store and buys it
  3. love is
    - picking up the burdens - loving what they love - hating what they hate - pushing them towards their goals - helping them get more out of a relationship - taking their causes as your own
  4. death is the ultimate sacrifice "baby i would die for you"
    including death of selfish desires !!!
  5. how to attract godly guys? serve them & others
    it shows lack of selfishness - and find joy in it!!!!
  6. what keeps relationships? love.
    it models Christ's love for us (a simplified version of something much more complex than we can imagine) - manifest itself in laying down your life - god picks us back up when we run towards our own selfish desires... that's love - Jesus bid on us with the highest price imaginable
  7. "no longer will you call me master, you will call me husband"