I created this list when I first moved into my apartment because, clearly, I had no wifi. It was very helpful for the three whole days I went without!
  1. Read a book📚
  2. Do art🎨
    Draw or color something! (I bought an adult coloring book and never touched it... I suggest children's coloring books)
  3. Organize/ reorganize something
  4. Read cookbooks and copy recipes you're interested in📝
  5. Paint your nails💅🏼
  6. Take a nap😴
    (My personal favorite)
  7. Make a grocery list
    This is really only relevant if you're doing your own grocery shopping, aka living on your own
  8. Actually go grocery shopping🍌🍎🍳🍓🍇
    (I refused to grocery shop for the first three days I lived here. I lived off of cereal I brought from my dorm)
  9. Exercise🚴🏼🏋🏼
  10. Watch a movie📽
    For the select few out there who still collect actual DVDs (🙋🏼)
  11. Write✏️
    Write about your day, about people, about your future, start a novel; the possibilities are endless!
  12. Go outside☀️
    Get to know you're area and surroundings. Go explore! (This is honestly my favorite thing to do and it doesn't require money or wifi!)
  13. Make a list