1. Today, an envelope full of coupons arrived
  2. I would normally throw it out
  3. But I'm at my mother's house
  4. And I wasn't sure if she wanted me to
  5. I left it on her table
  6. And heard a high pitched squeal
  7. "It's a coupon for a whopper. Buy one get one free!..
  8. ....When we first came to America, we got this coupon in the mail....
  9. ...Your sister was six. We didn't have a car. I didn't know how to drive yet...
  10. ...I would take Inna by the hand, and we walked two miles to Burger King...
  11. ...I bought two whoppers and we walked home to eat them."
  12. "Why did you walk all the way home before eating them?"
  13. "Because everyone eating in the restaurant had fries and cokes. I was embarrassed."
  14. "Should we go get whoppers for dinner tonight?"
  15. "No, It won't taste as good as it used to."
  16. As she threw the coupon out.