1. None.
    It happens. Sometimes people are bad with dates. Not an actual reflection of how liked you are. Relax.
  2. Facebook post.
    Excluding the lowercase "hb" without punctuation because that's worse than saying nothing. Thank you for thinking of me. So Nice!
  3. Facebook meme.
    Additional effort noted. So nice!
  4. Text message.
    Personal, intimate. So nice!
  5. Good photo of you posted to social media with a nice caption or story about you.
    The ego loves this one. Real warm. Real fuzzy. So nice!
  6. Phone call.
    So nice! To hear your voice.
  7. FaceTime.
    So nice! To see your face.
  8. A drink
    Thank you for your company and generosity. So nice!
  9. In person hug.
    The gift of oxytocin. So nice!
  10. Card in the mail with a check inside.
    The gold standard in producing feelings. So nice!