Would love to know what you all would want!
  1. Meditation
  2. Empathy
  3. Personal Finance
    I am self taught via the school of learning from mistakes because I had no responsible role models and was completely clueless. I'm still cleaning up financial mistakes from my early 20's.
  4. How to handle grief
    Your own and the grief of others.
  5. How to handle illness
    Your own and the illness of others.
  6. Personal Nutrition
    Because even smart people are still clueless about how they should be eating. Also, maybe we should learn early how to avoid hanger instead of having to apologize for it.
  7. Self Esteem
    That no matter what anyone says or does, always know that you are important and deserve kindness and respect.
    Suggested by   @BeeFlwrs
  8. Basic, practical law
    Kids get civics and learn about the legislative process, but most adults are not going to be involved in that process in any way. They will, however, get traffic tickets, DUIs, file bankruptcy, get divorced, have child custody issues and have legal issues in the workplace. They will end up spending more money on a lawyer when the lawyer has to spend time educating them about the basics. Plus I won't be as annoyed at the frivolous things people say they are going to sue for.
    Suggested by   @jenward
  9. Consent
    Just that.
    Suggested by   @olive