1. How long it takes to get ready.
  2. To put my keys on the hook by the door that says "keys."
  3. What clothing size I actually wear.
  4. She's wearing extensions, that's how.
  5. Sauce calories count.
  6. To save money.
  7. The answer is to drink more water.
  8. She practiced a lot, that's how.
  9. If I want people to call me, I need to call them.
    And not all in a row in the same night because even if 30% return the call that's an unmanageable influx for me.
  10. Nobody is looking at me.
    In a good way.
  11. Nobody is thinking about me.
    In a good way.
  12. Exercise feels good.
  13. Eating my feelings hasn't worked yet.
  14. Heels aren't for me.
  15. Talking shit feels bad.
  16. I am not defined by my job.
    I can find a new answer to "what do you do?"
  17. To put it right in the hamper when I take it off.
  18. I will not want to do dishes later either.
  19. To stop buying new lotions.
  20. To stop buying new Chapstick.
  21. Everyone else is doing their best.
  22. There is no there.
  23. Later is not guaranteed.
  24. It's ok.
    All of it.