@ChrisK i read mostly horror and distopian novels, and non-fiction survival stories where everyone dies, so i made up these books titles. p.s. I like these book concepts so well that i might actually write them! Thanks for the inspiration.
  1. "Family: Live, Love, Laugh and Other Platitudes"
    A book about perfect families filled with imperfect people who somehow still manage to get along and be there for each other and say all the right things to make each other feel loved.
  2. "Happily Ever After"
    a story of one womans quest to live free (of aggravations, annoyances, unkindness, religion and politics).
  3. "Peace Be with You"
    winner of the Pulitzer Prize, how a dog named "Peaches" brought an end to all world conflict.
  4. "Get Off"
    A parable told by an older self to a younger self about getting off your f*cking digital devices and going out and getting a life while you are still young.
  5. "You're Doing It Wrong"
    How a pet shelter in Oregon changed the world by starting a program where you can trade your smart phone for a free puppy, a flip phone, and puppy training classes in the singles group of your choice.
  6. "Too Big to Care"
    the story of how Karma really works, where everyone gets exactly what they deserve. You'll clap, you'll cry, you'll cheer and you'll see that it all turns out right in the end.