pet peeves and things that make me roll my eyes (RME) and smack my head (SMH)
  1. people who constantly whine about being "SO BUSY!" and "SO STRESSED"
    (SMH) We are all busy. We are all stressed. Please JUST SHUT UP!
  2. people who go through shit and come out on the other side with something better and then rather than being happy they whine, "oh, so scary, hate change."
    (RME) JUST SHUT UP! I listened to you whine about the shit you were going through and now you just need to be happy! Nothing in life stays the same. Not possible. Every time this planet makes one complete turn on it's axis, not one single thing is the same as the day before. Not even the earth itself. Every form of life is part of constant change, it is useless to resist it (and it will make you miserable). Find the bright side of the changes and then run into them with open arms!
  3. people with money who whine about having too much _________. [responsibility, property, bills to pay, cars, travel, fancy dinners, whatever]
    (RME & SMH) JUST FUCKING SHUT UP! Your life is bought and paid for - enjoy it and SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!
  4. people who whine about having no money who then pay $4.00 for a cuppa coffee.
    Wait. What? (SMH) You need to just shut up and start going to the 7-11.
  5. people who make plans and then whine about all the reasons they have to change those plans.
    (RME) If you are not going to be reliable JUST SHUT UP and stop giving me excuses. Do I want to reschedule? SURE! How about never, is never good for you?
  6. people who whine
    (RME & SMH) Listen to yourself. Really. Record your next rant and play it back for yourself. It'll make you want to roll your eyes and smack your head. Try NOT whining for 24 hours - you'll feel better, I promise. In the meantime, PLU-EEEAZE JUST SHUT UP!