and the faces that remind me of why i love them (the best list for a pick-me-up), in no particular order except alphabetical
  1. Angie
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    because. the first time we met i licked her face out of sheer joy, she still likes me after all this time
  2. Cynthia
    dry and spicy, the "nicest" social worker I know, always makes me smile, and tho she claims to be a dog person my cats are fully in love with her
  3. Duane
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    whiskey, horses, gives it all and then gives some more
  4. Estelle
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    fun, freaky, full-of-life, fabulous horsewoman
  5. Gary
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    SAR mentor and guru, great cook, thinker and kindaofa stinker
  6. Heather
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    tough as nails on the outside with a soft gooey center (especially for cats), best poker face on the planet
  7. Jenn & John
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    good for the soul, utterly themselves, deluxe travel companions
  8. Judy
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    a heart as big as her entire body, a spirit with ginormous resilience, and the energy of the sun
  9. July & Troy
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    best friends, silly and serious, truly happily married and thats rare
  10. Karen & Joe
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    dreamers, doers, and kind-thinkers to their very core
  11. Kathy
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    the newest member of this list, "yes" to adventure and possibility, "no" to nonsense and drama
  12. Pam and Penny
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    my adopted sisters, good times all the time, crazy with a bullet
  13. Rita
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    wise, righteous, and more southern than a boiled peanut
  14. Tom
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    because he amazes me on a daily basis