and the faces that remind me of why i love them (the best list for a pick-me-up), in no particular order except alphabetical
  1. Angie
    because. the first time we met i licked her face out of sheer joy, she still likes me after all this time
  2. Cynthia
    dry and spicy, the "nicest" social worker I know, always makes me smile, and tho she claims to be a dog person my cats are fully in love with her
  3. Duane
    whiskey, horses, gives it all and then gives some more
  4. Estelle
    fun, freaky, full-of-life, fabulous horsewoman
  5. Gary
    SAR mentor and guru, great cook, thinker and kindaofa stinker
  6. Heather
    tough as nails on the outside with a soft gooey center (especially for cats), best poker face on the planet
  7. Jenn & John
    good for the soul, utterly themselves, deluxe travel companions
  8. Judy
    a heart as big as her entire body, a spirit with ginormous resilience, and the energy of the sun
  9. July & Troy
    best friends, silly and serious, truly happily married and thats rare
  10. Karen & Joe
    dreamers, doers, and kind-thinkers to their very core
  11. Kathy
    the newest member of this list, "yes" to adventure and possibility, "no" to nonsense and drama
  12. Pam and Penny
    my adopted sisters, good times all the time, crazy with a bullet
  13. Rita
    wise, righteous, and more southern than a boiled peanut
  14. Tom
    because he amazes me on a daily basis