"use my phone" as referenced in this pledge = calls, texts, games, photo-taking, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media, checking-in, surfing or shopping
  1. 1.  BE SAFE!  I will not use my phone while driving, walking or riding.  I will only use my phone if I am not moving, not on a horse or bicycle, not in an elevator, restaurant or theatre.
  2. 2. BE NOT DISTRACTED! I will not use my phone while steering.  If I make or take a call while driving a car, I will do so handsfree.  If the call can wait, I will not make or take it while I am driving.
  3. 3.  BE POLITE!  I will not use my phone when my attention should be on the person(s) I am with face-to-face.  If I absolutely must use my phone, I will excuse myself and do so out of sight and hearing of others and at least 10 feet from the closest person.
  4. 4.  BE QUIET!  I will use "silent" or vibrate features on my phone as often as possible for beeps, ringers, keyboard clicks, etc. and I will not use loud, obnoxious tones or ringers.  I will not use the speaker phone feature or speak out loud to Siri or other voice dictation unless I am alone or in conference with others in the room.