1. turn off my phone
    love birthday messages but hate interruptions, this way i call back next week and give every message-sender the time and love they deserve for remembering me (and i'll have a recording of anyone who might be inspired to sing). p.s. In person visitors ALWAYS welcome!
  2. secretly hope my mother and/or my father is thinking about me and that it might snow
    she wouldnt dare call me, he doesnt know me, so snow is more likely and more welcome
  3. get high and clean house
    one good friend coming for dinner and staying overnight - wish i could just ignore the dust bunnies but i cant
  4. let my husband spoil me
    he does this every day but today its particularly good
  5. wrap presents and make a plan for holiday missives
    my well-concealed holiday spirit will reveal itself next week
  6. send telepathic message to my secret santa to send me something good
    and telepathically message my gift recipient not to worry, it'll be there by Christmas, and i hope she loves it"
  7. be not sad at all about #48
    my life is sweeter than the ass end of a honey bee