Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Horses, dogs, cats, goats and whatever other pets make you happy.
    But don't be weird about it.
  2. Beer, wine and whiskey.
    An appreciation for the craft of alcohol, not drunkenness.
  3. Power tools (including a sewing machine which is a VERY powerful tool), guns and cars.
    Cool craftiness, collectors and artisan passion very welcome. No scrapbookers need apply.
  4. Books and movies.
    Preferably action, horror, mystery or survival stories where everyone dies.
  5. Travel
    A sense of adventure, and a desire to get out and do things.
  6. Intolerance for intolerance, drama, bullshit, irrational or mean behavior.
    Maybe you are not a "nice" person, but you are righteous about the right things: peace, fairness, truth, integrity, kindness, respect and not using your cell phone in an unsafe way. 📵
  7. Food
    Great food, restaurants and cooking, and donuts. 🚫Gluten Free, 🚫Dairy Free
  8. Vegetable Gardening
    Maybe you are a fellow vegetarians who loves "homegrown", but also French fries and donuts.
  9. Good news, friendly disagreements, diversity, complexity, good conversation(📵), cheerfulness, a love for life but a realization that we are all but a fading speck in an infinite universe.
    🚫🚫🚫politics, 🚫🚫🚫religion, 🚫stock market, 🚫exercise, 🚫dieting, 🚫children