1. Good tv shows
    The office, Glee, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, The Mindy Project
  2. The kardashians
  3. Pop culture and celebrities in general
  4. Iced coffee
  5. Chicken tenders
  6. Chocolate
  7. Musicals
    Grease, les mis, hairspray, wicked, book of mormon, rocky horror, etc
  8. Disney original movies
    High school musical, Lizzie McGuire movie, camp rock, luck of the Irish, cheetah girls, twitches, halloweentown, smart house, pixel perfect, life size, eddies million dollar cookoff, etc.
  9. My major
    Honestly I love communications and the communications school at AU it's so cool and so what I wanna be involved in and it makes me happy
  10. Volleyball
  11. Social media
    Twitter, snapchat, Instagram, Facebook....I love it all........
  12. Fall
    Leaves are changing and im gonna have my first fall this year!!
  13. Halloween
    Fun dressing up and candy
  14. 2000s/90s music
    Never fails
  15. Avett brothers
  16. Blue skies and sunshine
    Don't know how to make this sound less cliche
  17. My ukelele
    Love feeling like I'm getting good at something cool!!!
  18. Cities
    Living in a city is very very cool. I also just like thinking about NYC because it's awesome
  19. Flannels
  20. Fashion in general
    Love cute clothes love looking cute and feeling confident because of it
  21. Dancing
  22. Laughing and smiling
  23. Sarasota, Florida
    Pv the beach and friends are nice memories to have and a great place to come home too
  24. When my makeup is on point
  25. Rings
  26. My kate spade watch
  27. Wearing athletic clothes and looking like an athlete
  28. Democrats
  29. Manicures and pedicures
  30. My birkenstocks
  31. Cake
  32. People watching on the quad
  33. Cats
  34. Harry Potter
  35. Chick Fil a
  36. Chipotle
  37. High ponytails
  38. Girl talk
  39. When people laugh at my jokes
  40. Celebrity memoirs
  41. Rom coms
  42. Being comfy in bed
  43. High ponytails
  44. Messy buns
  45. Apple products
  46. My phone
  47. Leaves
    Especially fall leaves and stepping on them!!