these are a few things i am good at
  1. "starting a diet" every monday
    sunday night you must eat everything you own so you won't eat it during the week. then monday go to wawa & get a pretzel sandwich and a bag of fritos
  2. going gift shopping for my family and keeping the gifts for myself
    my mom didn't need that scarf
  3. going shopping for a pair of plain black sneakers and coming home with bright blue doc martens
    how did this happen
  4. going shopping for groceries and coming home with bright blue doc martens
    am i ok
  5. making friends
    hi what kind of alcohol do you like
  6. wearing crocs and fucking owning it
    mine are pink and i have gotten more compliments on them than i have on $120 highlights
  7. taking candids of my friends
    this is why they all look like they have cool lives on instagram and i don't. i'm the cool one.
  8. making lists
  9. procrastinating
    i have a midterm tomorrow yet i'm writing this list
  10. making to-do/goals/aspirations lists
    then re writing them a million times but never actually accomplishing anything